Quality Fixtures 

Several items are necessary to assure Quality Fixtures.  Please scroll down the following items to better understand the Quality in QxQ.


Strain Gauge Testing

Be assured testing the PCB is not overstressing the PCB.  Using QxQ Strain Gauge Testing assures the safety of the board during test.  A fully populated assembly is required to measure the strain during test cycle.  (Please note that the sample board tested is rendered useless due to applying the gauges to the board.)  A detailed report is provided with every Strain Gauge Test.  Make sure to request a quote for Strain Gauge on you next project.  For more information, please contact sales@qxq.com



QxQ has experienced CAD engineers providing quality fixture layout and design.


Precision Drilling

QxQ uses dedicated, precise drill stations to, well, drill.  QxQ uses other dedicated CNC machines to mill, which keeps the drills and drill heads in tight tolerance.  Other vendors may use an all in one machine to drill and mill.  Why would you want your probe locations drilled on the same machine used to mill G-10, sheet metal, or other resistive parts.  By using dedicated, precise drill machines to drill, QxQ assures accurate, precise drilling.  And with 4 dedicated drill machines, your fixture is not stuck in que.  Quality drilling, no backlog.



With 4 stand alone CNC machines, QxQ fixtures are precisely milled, with no waiting.   



Automatic wiring verification, testing 3.4 points per second.  Blazing fast wiring verification to complete QxQ Quick turn fixtures.  You don't have to sacrifice Quality for Quick delivery.  

3070 Verified

Every QxQ 3070 fixture is verified on our in-house Agilent 3070 tester.  Verifying Test Jet, probe contact, and form and fit.  Quality fiXtures Quickly - QxQ.


Quality is our first name.  QxQ Quality Control procedures include verifying wiring, probe travel, probe contact, vacuum, cosmetics and functionality.


Board Stress Analysis

Preliminary review of the fixture layout.  Evaluates potential board stress based on probe concentration and probe force.  Fixture vendors use to provide this as a part of their standard service.  QxQ still does.  Using specific, proprietary formulas, QxQ provides Board Stress Analysis which determines correct locations and quantities of push fingers and board stops.  That is part of the QxQ service.  If you require precise, actual, stress analysis Strain Gauge testing should be ordered.  Strain Gauge report will give ACTUAL information on the board stress.