Bandwidth - not bottle necks


QxQ has the LARGEST BAND WIDTH in the industry.  No other vendor site has the amount of equipment we have.  This assures your project keeps moving, not stalled behind some bottle neck.  Starting with our CAD engineers and work stations, through final QC and shipping your project has the same priority for us that it has for you.  With multiple, dedicated machines your fixture keeps moving. 


Why should your fixture wait to be drilled until the previous fixture (or fixtures) is drilled.  Don't let your vendor tell you that your fixture will be drilled tomorrow, or your fixture is in milling, for the third straight day.  With 4 dedicated drill machines AND 3 dedicated CNC machines, your fixture is normally drilled within a few hours of QxQ receiving your files and order. 


In addition to our multiple drilling and milling machines, QxQ also has several wire wrap stations, multiple verifiers, and other proprietary equipment to provide Quality fiXtures Quickly.


With QxQ, your fixture is being worked on.  After all, your fixture is top priority.


We Have the Bandwidth