With the MOST equipment of any fixture manufacturing site, QxQ has the equipment to build your fixture, now.††New, state of the art, precise equipment for the†tightest tolerances, and best turn times in the industry.


Equipment Questions to ask your vendor

How many drill machines does it take for a company†to say they build fixtures?† Does the fixture vendor use the same drill machine to also mil plates?† What happens to your fixture when the vendor is currently drilling a 4000 node fixture.† What happens to your fixture when the vendor is using the drill machine to mil the previous fixture, and the machine is busy?† How long does it take before your fixture is actually being worked on?†


QxQ has the LARGEST BAND WIDTH in the industry. With 4 dedicated drill machines AND 3 dedicated CNC machines your fixture is normally drilled within a few hours of QxQ receiving your files and order.

Scroll down and view the following information to see how QxQ eQuipment†helps you†receive†Quality fiXtures Quickly.

Tighter Tolerances

Not only does the†amount of equipment allow for quicker delivery, it also allows better, tighter tolerances.† Don't accept your fixture to be drilled on the same machine that is†milling out thick G-10†or regid†sheet metal.† Milling loosens spindle heads causing more tolerances.† Precise drilling is obtained by using dedicated drill machines that only drill. At QxQ, we use our drill machines to†(you guessed it), DRILL.


With 7 semi-automatic wiring stations, we are ready for your fixture.† QxQ customized wiring stations allow precise, quick wiring.† And we have 7 of them.† Have we mentioned QxQ has the largest Band Width in the industry?† Why should your fixture be stuck in a queue behind some 4000 node fixture that will take several shifts to wire?† Well, we don't†see a good reason either, that is why at QxQ you do not to need wait.† After all, at QxQ we are working on the most important fixture in-house - yours!


QxQís Multi step verification process assures the fixture works out of the box.Every fixture is verified electronically for continuity and shorts.Mechanically, every fixture is verified for proper probe alignment, probe travel and checked for excessive board stress. Strain Gauge testing is available for an extra charge upon request. Extensive tests are also made to verify the vacuum or pneumatic operations as well as mechanical form and fit.Customerís specifications are verified and customersí check lists are completed if required.



QxQ Equipment

5†CAD stations utilizing Consultek in-circuit software

4†Drill Machines

3 Full Huroc CNC Machining Centers

7 Bridgeport Machines

1 Webb Lathe

8†Semi-Automatic, laser directed wire wrap machines

2 Custom fully automatic wire verification testers

1 3070 Series 3 verification tester

2†Wire cutter / stripper

1 Pin Grinder