Excellent Facilities

Location, Equipment, Service and Expertise.  All of these should be considered when evaluating your fixture vendor's facility.  Is the vendor's facility capable of producing a Quality fixture, when you need it, at a reasonable price?

Equipment - How many drill machines does it take for a company to say they build fixtures?  Does the fixture vendor use the same drill machine to also mil plates?  What happens to your fixture when the vendor is currently drilling a 4000 node fixture.  What happens to your fixture when the vendor is using the drill machine to mil the previous fixture, and the machine is busy?  How long does it take before your fixture is actually being worked on? 

At QxQ, your fixture is activley being work on, now.  That is because QxQ has the LARGEST BAND WIDTH in the industry.  With 4 dedicated drill machines and 3 dedicated CNC machines your fixture is normally drilled within a few hours of QxQ receiving your files and order. 

Not only does the mass of equipment allow quicker delivery, it also allows better, tighter tolerances.  Don't accept your fixture to be drilled on the same machine that is milling out G-10 or sheet metal.  Milling loosens spindle heads causing looser tolerances.  Precise drilling is obtained by using dedicated drill machines to only drill.  At QxQ, we use our 4 drill machines to, well, drill.

Service and Expertise are also extremely important.  QxQ has been providing fixtures since 1992, and each of the key players have been in the fixture industry for over 20 years. 

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