39 Mil Probes

QxQ has experience providing quality fixtures with as many as 800 39mil probes. Special fixture considerations need to be implemented to assure reliable production.† QxQ also has extensive experience using†X-Probe, which allows using a 50mil probe for 39mil spacing, and 75mil probe for 50mil spacing.† See "X-Probe" section below.†Contact QxQ for additional information.


X Probes

Use 75 mil probes for 50 mil spacing, and 50 mil probes for 39 mil spacing. QA Technology X-Probe series allows the use of larger, more durable probes for close targets. Using a unique ďsocketlessĒ probe allows larger probes to be placed closer together. QxQ X Probe fixtures are designed and manufactured for reliable testing.


Dual Stage

Test your board through in-circuit and move on to functional tests without disconnecting power and functional test points. QxQ's innovative dual stage fixture allows easy operation for trouble free testing. Dual Stage can also be used for Boundary Scan tests prior to full in-circuit testing.


Vacuum box

Vacuum Box testing is one of the most straight forward, reliable and economical approaches to no hassle testing. A superb vacuum seal allows great probe contact, probe travel and ease of operation. For large, highly populated boards, check out the new Quantum box, only from QxQ.


Quantum Gate

Introducing QUANTUM.† Newly designed for large complex boards, Quantum is the most sophisticated fixture gate on the market.† With additional support on both the gate and support plate, Quantum assures board stability during test.† Superb alignment for top side probing, engineered shock placement for balanced gate motion and ease of use allows for better testing.† Take the Quantum Leap forward in test, with the all new QUANTUM Fixture.† Only from QxQ.


Side Access

Using a unique horizontal movement allows the side access to be out of the way while loading and unloading boards, yet provides good contact during test. Side access can be used with probes for test point testing, or with Test Jet, Opens Express or Framescan


Switch Probe

For presence and orientation tests, use a switch probe. When properly placed, the switch probe will short when the component is loaded and properly placed. For a simpler, lower cost and more reliable solution, QxQ will install two large head probes that will make contact and short when presence is detected.



Electrically test LEDís by using a variety of methods. QxQ uses different approaches depending and test requirements, board layout, and types of LED being tested. Smart Fins can detect color and brightness, and the Optomistic Penta LED check can test up to 8 LEDís with one unit. Contact QxQ for recommendations.


Zero Flex

Precise milling of components allows more board area to contact the support plate, resulting in less stress on the board. Zero Flex also provides better probe alignment and contact. QxQ verification assures board safety. In addition, QC documentation will allow for easy verification when implementing ECOís.


Guided Probe

Guided Probe provides tighter tolerance and better contact on small targets or when the fixture requires a high quantity of 50 and 39 mil probes. The smaller opening in the top of the support plate will guide the tip of the probe directly on the target. [ when should I use Guided Probe? ]



Pneumatic fixtures, for ICT or functional applications, allows testing targets as small as 20mil, including TOP test points. QxQís low profile design makes transporting, storage and operation easier than otherís bulky top cylinder design. [ Take me to Pneumatic Information ]