Pneumatic FiXtures

qxq famousWhen small test points, extremely tight tolerances or high volume applications are required, use QxQ Pneumatic fixture.  Designed for either ICT or functional applications, QxQ pneumatics stand the test.  Quality fixtures and competitive pricing. QxQ offers:

39 mil probing, X-Probe, Strain Gauge Testing, Guided Probe plates, Custom Test Jet (even for hard to reach, low profile connectors) Ground Planes, Zero-Flex, Top Side Probing, Dual Level testing plus dozens of other standard and unique custom features. QxQ uses only steel tipped probes for No Clean and RoHS applications at no extra charge.

Lower Profile than most other pneumatic designs.  QxQ's Pneumatic fixture design has the air cylinders mounted in the rear of the gate, not on top.  Using this design, QxQ pneumatic fixture may have only two air cylinders (depending on the UUT), which reduces the cost.  Other designs require an air cylinder on each corner, mounted on the top of the fixture which adds several inches to the overall size of the fixture.  Then they have to make sure the hoses are plumbed correctly to make sure the top goes down evenly.  With the QxQ pneumatics, the air activates the mechanical movement, allowing precise, even travel. In fact, QxQ's pneumatic fixtures are so precise we consistently hit test points as small as 20 mil.  Bottom and Top.

Contact QxQ for additional information on the actuation, registration and reliability of QxQ pneumatic fixtures.