Quick Turn

Send us your files Monday morning, have the fixture by Friday.  Of the same week.  4 days later.  And with QxQ's verification procedures the fixture works out of the box.  Simply put, QxQ has the quickest delivery times in the industry.  And don't think you have to pay more, for what you deserve.  In fact, QxQ prices for 4 day turn times are usually lower than what other vendors charge for delivery in 8-10 days.  Your choice, 4 days or two weeks.  Which is most important to you: Price, Quality or Delivery?  While other vendors expect you to pick one, QxQ gives you the best of all three.  Quality Fixture.  Quickly.  At a fair price.   QxQ, Quality fiXtures Quickly.

Want to know how we do it?  So do our competitors.  I will let you know a few or our secrets, starting with our quality People.  QxQ only hires the best.  CAD, shop, assemblers, webmasters, you get the idea. 

Equipment.  New, state of the art.  And lots of it.  In fact, no other fixture manufacturing site has the amount of equipment we have at QxQ.  Or newer.  Our latest drill was installed in May 2007.  How old is that machine at that other fixture shop? 

Bandwidth.  How many fixtures can QxQ drill at the SAME time?  4.  That is right.  QxQ has the largest bandwidth in the industry. 

Other secrets, well that is proprietary.  What you need to know is sales@qxq.com.  Email your fixture details, get a quote within a few hours.  Why should you have to wait for a quote?  Why should you have to wait 2 weeks for a fixture?  Review our quote and see what we quote for price and delivery.  Then be AMAZED at how quick you get your fixture, with Quality out of the box.