Vacuum FiXtures

qxq famousIn-Circuit test vacuum fixtures delivered in record time for Agilent (HP) and Teradyne (GenRad). Quick turns, Quality fixtures and competitive pricing. QxQ offers:

39 mil probing, X-Probe, Strain Gauge Testing, Guided Probe plates, Custom Test Jet (even for hard to reach, low profile connectors) Ground Planes, Zero-Flex, Top Side Probing, Dual Level testing plus dozens of other standard and unique custom features. QxQ uses only steel tipped probes for No Clean and RoHs applications at no extra charge.

QxQ Vacuum Box is available in either the standard or new QUANTUM Gate. The standard box has been used for several years, testing hundreds of thousands of boards. The unique low profile, lighter weight yet durable design is a perfect application for most UUT’s. The clear lexan plate allows users visual access to the board during activation and test. The top protective cover easily hinges for total access to top probes, Test Jet, Opens Express, Framescan, and switch probes. Switches on the top side of the UUT are also accessible with the QxQ vacuum box pusher, or pot adjuster.

QxQ introduces the QUANTUM vacuum box. Designed for large, complex boards, the QxQ Quantum gate is the right application. Using the simple yet effective Vacuum Box design for vacuum fixtures, QxQ added additional support on the gate and support plate, while still allowing easy access for loading and unloading the UUT. With the newly designed components including additional plates and alignment for Top Side probing and engineered shock placement for balanced gate motion, Quantum  makes this the right gate for your high complex boards.

QxQ has a long list of standard features to improve testability.  Since every fixture is custom, we continually add additional features.  If you don't see a feature you need, please let us know and we will work with you to solve your test needs.